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A story where comfort meets luxury​

Oinoelia Prototype - Frame 1


Oinoelia is a small business with luxury rooms in Thassos. My first communication with the manager helped me realize the initial scope of the business. A digital existence with an external feature of booking. Internal features included presentation of rooms and an overall of Oinoelia’s amenities.

With a business scope, client’s request was a website in order to have a web presence, provide enough information to potential clients in order to achieve booking via external booking system, e-mail or phone.


If we consider the initial scopem combined with a pre-designed logo we had in our hands and an in-depth discussion had with the manager, a possible persona from potential client would be Mary, who is 45 years old, married with John, with a well paid job (middle class on economic scale of USA). 

Mary is interested in traveling to non-conformative places. By non-conformative, we don’t mean with a usual touristic scope, like parties and all night fun but something more relaxed, quiet and quality-centric. With those noticed, I had a vision of a design that could reflect all the luxury of the rooms combined with top notch amenities without “wordy” elements but more like discrete suggestions.

Oinoelia Prototype - Frame 2
Oinoelia Prototype - Frame 3


My client was clear from the beginning and he wanted something minimal and straightforward. I thought about telling a story that could provide an outline of the rooms and also have a very good approach on the most important meal of the day, breakfast. That brings us to “kalimera” (meaning “Goodmorning” in Greek), a box of quality ingredients to provide you with all the important nutrients for the day.