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A healthy kid is being transformed into a healthy adult


Your was more like a personal project for a very close friend, Nicole, who was trying to promote herself in order to get a good job in the field of children’s education or kindergarten teacher or find potential to start taking care of kids from families. The scope was more like a personal portfolio where the viewer could find information regarding Nicole’s skills, knowledge, and previous experience. With those data, I had also to recreate her previous CV in order to be more attractive to potential employers. Blogging was one of my proposals but Nicole had to be actively involved by creating posts and content. Nicole had to post it in multiple social media and start a new marketing funnel from this aspect.


In the persona section, there were 3 possible personas. The first one was Alexia, a married mother, 32 years old, who wanted to educate her young kid with an age around 1 to 6 years old. Nicole would be a valuable asset for this family since she could educate and entertain the child, but also help the mother to improve her communication along with the child. The second persona would be Johanna, a 35 years old single mother. Johanna is working all day long and so she has a strict schedule regarding taking care of her kid. Nicole could also educate the child and help the mother with specific everyday tasks around the child. The third person would be 45 year old, Victor. Victor is a potential employer who could interview Nicole for a new job. Nicole’s profile meets the requirements of Victor for a potential job in the field of education.

CV, UX and UI design

Starting from the CV, Nicole started creating the written part of her CV along with my guidance but mostly I took the designer’s role in order to bring balance between her personality and her skills, with a playful touch. By finishing her CV, we created smaller descriptions that could be parts of her website, a beautiful gradient between baby pink, and baby blue. Followed by a logo and a general personal identity for the website, we had finally our website.