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Ktima Georgiou

Ktima Georgiou

Taste of southern Peloponnesus in its purest form


Ktima georgiou, was one of my favorite projects in 2021. The amount of information we had was very few but based on a good conversation we had, I created a scope that co-created a chain reaction of follow up questions. We were sure only for one thing in the beginning, we have one quality product, extra virgin olive oil. 

Creating an outline

With that in mind, I have started doing some research regarding another olive oil producers around Greece, but especially those they were exporting olive oil outside of Greece. The scope was an eshop with one product and the best approach was to have a single page trying to convince the potential client that we had a top notch quality product. A series of questions included if they were any certifications regarding the olive oil and the client told me that they were waiting for them and it would take a lot of time. Also they were questions that had to be answered from potential clients and surveys are always an accessible weapon UX Researcher’s arsenal.


As a persona I thought about a woman who was around 30 years old, living in Germany, married with two young kids. She is trying to reach a healthy lifestyle with pure, quality products and searching on the web for those ones which can be added to a typical day. Another event that could be also could be used as a persona would be a specific exhibition for new producers over olive oil or directly open to the public where people could navigate and find information regarding this olive oil and its quality. As a final step you could buy virgin olive oil online for specific price for liter but unfortunately you can only pay via direct bank transfer so another funnel could be the connection of the potential client and the producer directly either for wholesale or sale.

UX Writing & Design

WordPress is usually my first choice in every branding website. In every technology there are pros and cons, but this website wasn’t an exception. Creating a great story may convince the potential client for the quality of our product. So starting with research on extra Virgin Olive oil, on different aspects such as, growth of olive trees, production, acidity, maintenance and more, I created every big and small text on this story. Combined with visuals that follows the identity of the logo that I had in my hands, you can take a look of the website in the following link.