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A computer management software for e-sport centers.


Such software is understood by the existence of 2 states, client & server side. As a result they have two different by-products.

From the point of view of the server there will be the possibility of configuring the installed software on the computers, importing and managing customers, an ordering system (Point Of Sales), remote management of individual computers, a reservation system, system management and export reports on all the above systems.

From the point of view of the client, it is possible to implement and pay orders that have to do with purchases of time or goods, software installation requests and management of the user account.

*Attention will be analyzed only the server side at the request of the client

Marketing Scope

Gizmo aims to purchase small and medium-range esports centers.

Aiming at a larger market, it tries to grow in a more sophisticated version, aiming to meet needs that arise in larger esport centers, such as serving multiple customers in a receipt, improving the user experience compared to the older software that they are currently marketing in the market and effectively covering an international clientele with a reduction of load on the support department of the company.

Server side user analysis

We started a discussion with the technical department which serves customer requests around the management, configuration and proper operation of the system. The most common requests are the following:
  • How to set up billing profiles
  • How to charge different prices for a specific computer
  • How to add games
  • How to develop games
  • How to disable the start menu/taskbar/desktop
  • How to add game licenses

Generic personas

(in the discussion with the marketing department a generic scope was given around the personas)


Persona 1

Persona 2


28 - 32

30 - 44





Owners e-sport center

E-sport center employees

Computer knowledge




They themselves do install and use Gizmo

Whether they manage the system or sell the time package to customers

Analysis of generic personas

Taking into account the generalized scope I proceeded to a survey in 2 local e-sports centers where I noticed their operation and had the honor to discuss with a manager from each one. The questions contained the following elements: age, marital status, description of their daily life inside & outside of work, how they operate that they take care to maintain with the employees, requirements, business goals, previous work experience and knowledge base, an ideal working day, problems that often arise at work, delineation of their customers' profiles, etc. As a result of the above, 2 personas were exported from the point of view of the server who have the following characteristics:

42 years old

Owner of 1 medium e-sport center (100-200 hosts)

  • Little experience in computer management
  • Former engineer in a construction company
  • Married with 2 children
  • Pressed program that does not allow him to learn many new things
  • He manages his business remotely, resulting in a need for data that he will not have to dig into a computer of the business to draw personally
  • Vasilis tends to get nervous about things he does not know and is looking for people to help him often at work.
  • He is cheerful, debatable but not so open to new ideas or big changes.
  • He manages his business remotely, resulting in a need for data that he will not have to dig into a computer of the business to draw personally
  • He seeks stability, formal & continuous communication with his associates.
  • His composure is limited in some stressful situations.